Physician Supervised Weight Loss

The cornerstone of our practice is our physician supervised weight loss program that combines science-based physician supervised care with individually tailored plans to help you lose weight safely and keep it off for life. Our plans are easy to follow, and are structured to help you avoid hunger and cravings that are typical on a regular diet.

Program Overview

Step 1: Initial Consultation
At a free, no obligation consultation with Dr. Altschuler, you will learn about our programs and we will learn about your needs. Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources you can draw on to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

Step 2: Active Weight Loss
During the Active Weight Loss period, the goal is to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. On average, patients lose between two to four pounds per week by following the prescribed weight loss plan and incorporating the different components of our program into their lifestyle.

Close monitoring occurs during weekly visits with vital signs, body fat composition and weight each tracked and recorded. Patients also have the opportunity to review concerns and to celebrate achievements. Real life challenges, such as hunger patterns, work schedules, and family or personal habits can be addressed at these visits, as well.

Patients are ready to transition out of the Active Weight Loss Period when they have reached their goal weight.

Step 3: Long-term Maintenance
Successful weight loss depends on lifelong management of the underlying condition. We offer continuing services in weight loss management, including ongoing medications when medically appropriate. Maintenance visits are recommended on a monthly basis until patients are comfortable with their new eating habits and lifestyle, and have demonstrated no regain of weight. During this period, we may implement new strategies to maintain your weight loss while continuing to offer consultations, education, and counseling.

If you would like more information about losing weight with our physician supervised weight loss program, then contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Altschuler.

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