We eat when it’s time to eat, when food is put in front of us or because we need to handle feelings of anger, anxiety, depression or simple boredom. Mindfulness helps connect the mind and the body, to slow down for a moment, connect with ourselves, and move from reacting to responding. – Jean Kristeller


Mindful eating, as taught in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), includes making conscious food choices, developing awareness of physical vs psychological hunger and satiety cues, and eating healthfully in response to those cues.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) was originally developed by Dr. Kristeller over 15 years ago, drawing on her work with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and her own research and clinical training in food intake regulation and eating disorders.

MB-EAT blends mindful eating exercises with mindfulness meditation practice to cultivate more general moment-to-moment awareness of self. As part of the program, you will learn greater “inner wisdom” to change your food habits. Through mindful eating practices, you will learn to pay attention to what the body really needs and why, how to experience the full pleasure and taste of food without overeating, and how to release the guilt and struggle so often associated with eating.

The MB EAT Program is taught through individual sessions (45 minutes) or group classes.

Our next group starts on January 22nd and is composed of:

  • Weekly 2-hour classes
  • Guided mindfulness meditation
  • Guided eating exercises and practices in mindfulness
  • Exploration of food behavior to breakthrough cravings, emotional eating and overeating
  • Daily home practices and meditations

MB-EAT research shows that most people who complete this course find:

  • Better sense of inner balance around food and eating
  • Reduced binge eating, overeating and emotional eating
  • Greater body appreciation
  • Weight management

When: Monday Evenings 6-8pm

Week 1: January 22nd
Week 2: January 29th
Week 3: February 5th
Week 4: February 12th
Week 5: February 26th
Week 6: March 5th
Week 7: March 12th
Week 8: March 19th
Week 9: March 26th
Week 10: April 2nd
Week 11: April 23rd – integration
Week 12: May 21st – integration


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Cassale Sherriff

Cassale became interested in mindful eating while working as a nutritionist at our Center, after experiencing the power of mindful eating in her own life and struggle with emotional eating and exercise disorders. She knew that mindfulness was the missing link to help her change her own relationship with food and that it could be a major factor in supporting her patients heal themselves. Cassale completed MB-EAT professional training with Andrea Liebenstein, one of the leading experts in the USA on mindful eating. Cassale has been using this technique for the past year with wonderful results.

Cassale is a Holistic Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, integrating mindfulness and meditation practices in all aspects of her life, continually developing her knowledge of mindfulness and the development of self. She can be reached for further information: cassale@marinweightloss.com.