Our Program

Life is a journey. Choose the path to health and wellbeing.

Our Marin Weight Loss program has four main phases. Over the coming weeks together we will develop some of the important skills you need to achieve your lifelong goals. We’ll provide knowledge, insight, and support as you travel this wellness path. Our focus will be on achieving and maintaining a healthy balance through nutrition and lifestyle counseling, movement and exercise, breathing and meditation practices.


Each plan is tailor made to match your goals and lifestyle, and each will follow our successful 4 phase structure. Successive stages build on the last as you practice, integrate, and master the skills of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your skills and experience will spread and grow like ripples moving out from a pebble dropped into still water.

Phase 1 – Weight Loss: Restructure

This important first phase lays the foundation for your weight loss success. This is when we structure your dietary plan as you begin building the skills to navigate within your home, work, and social environments. Here we’ll discuss how the various macro and micro nutrients influence your weight and health, the emphasis is on enjoying healthy food and nourishing yourself.

The focus is on nutrition and the importance of environmental control as you continue to move towards your goal weight. Now you’ll expand your focus to include exercise and movement into your lifestyle. You’ll watch your metabolism and energy change, as you discover and work with your body’s reaction and response to different foods and situations. You will continue to integrate all your new skills, as you establish a new relationship with food.

Phase 2 – Weight Loss: Optimize

The foundations of nutrition, movement and exercise have been laid down, now it’s time to advance your skills by weaving in a mindful eating program. This part of the program is optional but if you decide to take advantage of this piece, it enables you to understand more fully, your relationship with food.

If you have had tendencies in the past to over eat or soothe or comfort yourself with food then this will bring more understanding to your behavior. Through self inquiry, discussion, exercises and specific guided meditations, we will bring you closer to understanding your internal signals of hunger, fullness, taste & body satiety.

Phase 3 – Transition: Pivot

As your goal weight is reached, we will start the transition to our maintenance program. As you add a wider variety of foods, you will continue to notice how your body reacts, adjusting as you continue to respond to the many everyday life situations.

Phase 4 – Maintenance: Balance

During the all important maintenance phase, we continue to monitor your overall health and well-being, providing you with accountability and support to manage your weight long term. It takes as much work to keep weight off as it does to lose it. But it requires a different set of skills. Once you’ve established your new personal relationship with food and health, you will continue to learn important skills necessary to maintain your weight within a narrow range, even as you continue to add more variety to your diet and move through all the many facets of your life. Congratulations, one journey has ended and a whole new healthier life awaits you.

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There is a difference between a diet and managing your weight.

Going on a diet implies that you will find a perfect plan, follow it for a while, then go back to your old ways. What could possibly go wrong?

You live in a culture where close to 70% of people are either overweight or obese. So, if you’re genetically inclined to be overweight without a plan, it’s likely that you’ll be overweight, too.

At Marin Weight Loss & Wellness you will learn to manage your weight. We have a full spectrum of plans, which are then tailored to your individual preferences. We will find the skills, strategies and tools that work for your specific lifestyle and needs.


We have a variety of whole food plans to suit any dietary restriction and qualified nutritionists to ensure you are obtaining the required nutrients that you need to nurture and nourish your body.


*Ask us! We can make a plan for you!


We have delicious organic shakes and snacks available at the clinic to help you on your weight loss journey. The perfect portions to take with you as you go about your day, so you are maintaining your sugar balance, staying ahead of your hunger and nourishing your body.

Specially formulated to support you when busy or on the go, or for a quick start. These low calorie, high protein and nutrition controlled shakes are delicious and come in a wide variety flavors and styles.

We have a variety of high quality supplements to compliment any plan you choose to undertake, that will further add to your health and well being.

One of the many tools available to assist you are prescription appetite suppressants. These medications have been around for almost 50 years and have a long history of safe and effective use. For some people this can be the difference between restoring health or continuing to struggle with the effects of carrying extra weight. Dr. Altschuler will personally work with you to see if medications are recommended or desired, and as always, monitor your care.

We offer holistic personalized wellness programs, where we address the underlying causes of health conditions such as metabolic disturbances, food sensitivities, sugar imbalances, stress, fatigue, digestive issues, hormonal balance, PMS, anxiety & mood swings.


Our tailor made plans focus on nutrition, lifestyle, emotional wellness, exercise, relaxation and stress relief. We utilize the healing benefits of whole foods, herbs and supplements to nurture and support your body.


We design meal plans, with delicious seasonal recipes and snacks to give you the structure and tools to nourish yourself. One on one counseling each week gives you both support and a deeper understanding of your condition and how you can manage it more effectively.

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